Events and Festivals

  • CJC Agency will coordinate the festival performance; negotiate the contracts, financial requirements and payment methods. This includes licenses, invoices and legal aspects required for the artists and entertainers to perform.
  • CJC Agency will ensure the logistics of the venues are covered. With the assistance of our expert sound and light engineers the venue, event areas will possess the best quality stage, lighting and obtain all technical riders and equipment to suit the artist’s requirements.
  • Setting schedules & organizing the festival stage and performance calendar. CJC Agency will confirm performances with artists and entertainers; ensure they follow correct timings including performance intervals.
  • CJC Agency will provide specially tailored entertainment to suit the event and festival theme and requirements.
  • Transportation & Accommodation; CJC Agency will organize the transportation for the artists and entertainment performing at the event/ festival. In the case of international artists; flights, visas upon arrival, airport pickups, and transportation during the visit as well as the hotel will be taken care of.
  • Marketing Services: CJC Agency can provide marketing support in the shape of design, print and cross marketing online. Tailored plans can be derived to suit the visiting artist and type of event. Assistance with event coverage is also available.