Visiting Artist


The music and entertainment industry in Egypt is rapidly booming with more and more international artists performing in locations in Cairo and across Egypt. The CJC Agency is an established entertainment organization with the knowhow of running an event efficiently from start to finish and assisting in making the entire process a smoother experience for the artists and their managers. The CJC Agency can offer the following services when dealing with international artists and organizers visiting Egypt:

  • Taking care of the performance deals. CJC Agency will arrange all performances; negotiate the contracts, financial requirements and payment methods. This includes licenses, invoices for the venues and all legal aspects required for artists to perform.
  • Setting schedules & organizing seasonal and annual events calendar. CJC Agency will liaise with artists, venues, promoters and festival organizers. Seasonal planning is important especially when promoting artists, albums or festival tours. CJC Agency will confirm performances with artists and venues; ensuring both parties comply with the agreed dates, performance schedules including performance intervals.
  • CJC Agency will tailor venues to suit the artists and their requirements. Depending on the artists a suitable venue/ location will be selected to cater to their needs, stages requirements and expected number of attendees.
  • CJC Agency will ensure the logistics and operations of the venues are covered. With the assistance of our expert sound and light engineers the performance venue/location will possess the highest quality stage and lighting. The CJC Agency will obtain all the required equipment mentioned on the technical rider in advance to ensure no setback.
  • Transportation & Accommodation; CJC Agency will organize the flights, visas upon arrival, airport pickups, and transportation during the visit as well as the hotel bookings and any specific requirements of all artists visiting Egypt.
  • Marketing Services: CJC Agency can provide marketing support in the shape of design, print and cross marketing online. Tailored plans can be derived to suit the visiting artist and type of event. Assistance with event coverage is also available.